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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I got my snow day!

We had a Valentines Snow day! The kids were all off school (a little upset about postponing school parties, but not enough to matter). We all hung out and goofed off all day. I did get my DH's valentine card made just in the nick of time.

I've been seeing all these cool cards done with black and white patterned paper - but I don't have any. So I tried to make my own. The base paper is the justjohanna shrubbery stamp. The cross piece is made from randomly stamping 2 justjohana stamps - a flourish-y tail and a head piece. Both are intended to "fancy up" any of her bird images, but I like them as a background. The rest of the stamps are justjohanna also.


Godelieve said...

Love the PP you made!! It's unique! Lovely card!

Unknown said...

These are terrific...I always love the black and white cards!