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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've been tagged!!

Oh wow! I'm so honored! Both Anne and Patti tagged me!

So if I understand the game correctly, I have to tag 5 and only 5 blogs and I can't tag back someone who tagged me?? Well - I don't know how to pick just 5! Yikes! I have a so many in my "Google Reader" and I love them all. Its incredible to me how many talented people there are out there and how generous they all are with tips and techniques.

Ok, ok... 5 huh? I don't think I can list five favorites. But Maybe I can list 5 blogs that people may want to check out for stamping info. So here goes:

My first one is "Stamping Matilda". Godelieve has the most amazing flair with color and backgrounds. I hope I can "do color" like she does when I grow up and become a real artist. She also includes tutorials and templates on her Blog. Godelieve is the one who inspired me to start Blogging - in the hope that someday my blog would be like hers!

My second is "Stamping When I Can". Allison just boggles my mind. I don't know how she does it but she is just on top of everything! Not one piece of "Blog Candy" gets past her. And she does a tremendous job of searching out new talent and finding wonderful Blog tutorials. I don't know how many Blogs I've added to my "reader" because of her. She does all this, has small children and yet still finds time to stamp! Makes me feel lazy....

My third is "Simple Dreams" by Ellen Hudson. I love her fresh clean style. And she is so generous with how to's, tutorials and product reviews.

My fourth is "Lost Luggage Reviews" by Julie. I love how she digs right in there, tests the stuff out and tells you what she really thinks about it all.

My fifth is "Craft Critique". This blog is not exclusively stamping, but has many papercraft reviews. The reviews are done by a variety of "testers". I think its a great place to check before you buy that new "whatcamacallit".

As for personal favorites - wow, hard to say. There is Anne and Patti.

And of course my stamping friend Melanie at My Inkspirations. Beautiful work and wonderful project ideas. Check out how she can use black to make a card design just pop.

Jennifer at Jens Ink Spot has tons of great tips, links and beautiful cards.

Emily Gunnel at Icing On the Card (a fellow justjohanna design team member) has wonderful projects.

There are a bunch more I'd like to mention - but I'm sure you're getting bored by now (Notice I snuck in some extras - but its for two tags right?). I'm sure as soon as I publish this I'll say "Ugghh... I forgot...."


Julie Prichard said...

Ah! Thank you for tagging the review blog! I am glad to see you like it! It means a lot to me!!

Godelieve said...

Thank you Cathrine! I love to visit your blog too, always inspiring things here!

Anne said...

Great choices for tags! A bunch I hadn't seen before and have totally fallen in love with!