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Friday, August 24, 2007

A couple justjohanna cards....

Thought I'd share a couple cards that use all justjohanna stamps.

This first one shows Priscilla the stalking "wild beasts" in the "jungle".

I always imagine that my cat (her name is "Squishy" - actually her full name is "Squishy the Amazing Limbo Cat" - but we call her Squishy for short), has visions of grandeur when stalking those little white butterflies in the garden. Like she is some great hunter - never mind that she is afraid of mice.

I imagine Priscilla is in great hunter mode here.

For this card, I stamped and masked the shrubbery in front, stamped Priscilla and masked her, then stamped the shrubbery in back.

This card shows Belle (my favorite justjohanna stamp!) coming out of her house to say hello.

This is one of the first cards I colored with my Prismacolor markers. I'm enjoying them, but I think I might add some lighter shade Copis to the mix.

There is my justjohanna fix. Thanks for stopping by!


emilia in Taiwan said...

These two are the cutiest!!
Stalking butterflies? heeee he is really naughty!

Alhambra Club said...

These are adorable, love the house with that cute little bird.

Anonymous said...

Very cute cards !! I love Priscilla in the leaves. Great job !

Kathi said...

Ah! They're both wonderful!

I totally love Priscilla in the shrubbery. She's my favorite justjohanna stamp, though sadly I don't own her yet.

Philippa said...

I LOVE these two cards, Cathrine. They are my favourite to show off to customers. You will be pleased to know that the stalking kitty sold a Shrubbery stamp for me on Saturday, lol.

Godelieve said...

Great! Love how you masked the images to put Priscilla in the bushes!