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Monday, October 15, 2007

Haunted Hidden Slider Card

This is a fun little interactive slider pocket card where the slider mechanism is hidden behind an image.

For my card, I used the justjohanna "Short House" stamp and decorated it for Halloween. The ghost is actually ghost bird peaking from behind. The greenery is the sea weed stamp and the pumpkins are pumpkin bucket without the handle. I love putting together little scenes like this - so fun!

Anyway - when you pull the slider......

From behind the house, out pops Al in a witch hat!

I've included instructions below on how to make a hidden slider card. They may look complicated but they are really not! All you need are two images - the one to pop out and a bigger one for it to hide behind. The rest is made like a pocket card - but with a slider added.

The cards can be made any size, but to make a 5 1/4 inch square one like this you will need:

Base cardstock 5 1/4” by 11”. Score perpendicular to long side 2 7/8” in from each side to make the pocket. Do not fold the pocket yet. (black paper here)

5” square of stamped or patterned paper (purple here)

41/4” square matte (orange here)

4" square background cardstock (black here)

Cut cardstock, 5 1/8” square for the slider, round side corners (orange here)

Your 2 stamped images, colored and cut out. Make sure to leave a tab on the side of the smaller image to attach to the slider .

Lay your large image on your 4' square background piece and mark where you want your smaller image to pop out.

Now, take that off and lay your smaller image on the background so that it is behind the mark you made before. Mark the far edge of your small image. Note - if it is a tight fit to hide your slider image, you may want to mark both sides of the bigger image to make sure you slider image stays hidden.

Now - matte up all the layers of your card and adhere. With the flaps of the pocket still open, cut a slit through all the layers between the two marks you made. This is what your image will slide on.

Adhere the tab of your slider image to a folded cardstock strip (see picture)

Slip this strip into the slot so that your image is on top of your background. Move the image to the position where it will be completely hidden.

Flip the entire card over. Apply adhesive to the cardstock strip only. The slider cardstock will need to move freely in the pocket.

Lay the slider cardstock over the back, lining it up with the edges (as if the slider were closed). The slider cardstock should adhere only to the cardstock strip where you placed adhesive.

Fold up the sides of the pocket around the slider cardstock and adhere.

Flip the card over and adhere your larger image in place using foam mounting tape or pop dots. Take care to place the tape where it won't get in the way of the smaller image sliding.

When you pull out the slider card, the pop out image comes with it, causing the smaller image to pop out from behind the raised larger image.

This may sound complicated - but once you actually do it, its easy.

If you make one - please let me know, I'd love to see it!


Zarah said...

Ooooh... That's the cutest thing!!

Julie Prichard said...

What an excellent tutorial!

Alhambra Club said...

I LOVE this card, it is so great, thanks for the turorial, I will definitely have to give it a try, too late for Halloween but would be great for Christmas cards.

Anonymous said...

FAbulous card !! and great tuto thanks !!

Linda Carson said...

What a FUN card!! Thanks for taking the time to share the tutorial!

Tania said...

How gorgeous! Thanks for the great tutorial!

Swamp Tulip said...

Great card and excellent tutorial. Thank you :)


Godelieve said...

Fantastic card and tutorial!

My Paper World said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

Kathi said...

Wow! It's wonderful. Great tutorial. Thanks for posting it.

emilia in Taiwan said...

The tutorial is great and the card is better!! I love Al hiding there!

Debbie said...

Great tutorial. I've always wanted to make a slider card. I think I'll try it today. Your card is da bomb!