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Thursday, October 25, 2007

So...What do you think....

OK... Here is my story......

I'm organizing an effort at our church to raise enough money to install a clean water well and distribution system in a village in Tanzania. The situation in some of those villages is really quite dire, and without clean water there is no hope for improvement.

As you can imagine, it costs a bit of money (like $10 - 12,000) and this is quite a stretch for our little congregation. It will probably take us a year to get there.

So we are trying to reach out into the community and encourage others to contribute to the cause with us.

I'm planning a holiday cardmaking fundraiser, hoping that I can reach out to a few different people who we otherwise would not connect with.

My plan is to offer a class where they make 2 each of the 4 cards shown (8 total). They would have the chance to try watercolor pencils, stamping in color, and embossing techniques.

I have two different color/image styles groupings for them to choose from.

Here are my samples - what do you think? What would you charge for a class like this if all the proceeds are going to charity?


Alhambra Club said...

What a wondeful cause, these cards are great, don't think there would be any problem getting people to sign up for the class.

Anonymous said...

These are Wonderful Cathrine !! Love your style !!!

emilia in Taiwan said...

It's so kind of you! I think people are willing to pay like 20 bucks for this class. It's for Charity!

Anonymous said...

Great cards. I think it is a wonderful idea for a good cause.

Kathi said...

The cards are adorable.

Card classes in my area usually run $20 and the proceeds go to the store/instructor.

Since this is for a charity and the people will be learing techniques and such, maybe you should charge $30?

I hope your class is very successful.

Godelieve said...

Terrific idea and wonderful cards! Love that you offre two different styles. Hope it will be a big succes!

Anonymous said...

i just found your blog from a link at Ellen Hutson's. Your cards are beautiful! Congratulations on being published in Paper Crafts!