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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Beaded Candle Holder Tutorial

Edit: I need to remove the pictures from this post because the project will be published. So Sorry (I am excited about getting published though!)

Well, maybe I can make up for my absence a little....

Here is a little tutorial for beaded candle holders. My pictures are not the greatest, but these really do look nice when they are lit. And the project couldn't be simpler. With your help - kids could easily do this to make Christmas gifts.

To make these, you will need a straight sided glass candle holder. You can find these cheap at craft stores.

You will need microbeads and the double stick sheet adhesive that is used with them.

You will also need your image of choice stamped on vellum.

For my holders, I used Adenville from justjohanna because I wanted a village in the snow. I also did a holder with the Snow Friends stamp from Great Impressions.

(the tutorial is a bit of a mix because I was not too organized with the pictures!)

Cut a strip of sticky film to the width of you candle holder and adhere it around the glass.

Color the back side of your stamped vellum image with markers and cut out around it, leaving a little border.

Remove the top layer of the sticky film. Place your colored image on the sticky film marker side down - positioning it as you wish.

Roll the candle holder in the microbeads all the way around. Then roll the candle holder on a firm surface to really adhere the beads. The sticky film is really sticky and once the beads are on, they really stay put.

That's it! You're done.


Julie Prichard said...

Really cute and it looks so easy!

Kathi said...

So cute.

Thanks for the tutorial. I'm sending a friend to look.

Alhambra Club said...

These are beautiful, thanks for the tutorial.

Godelieve said...

Fantastic idea Cathrine! These are really beautiful!

Dawn Easton said...

Awesome idea! It really is lovely! Adding it to my To Do List of things to try!! thanks for sharing!

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

this looks amazing! I can't wait to try this. I have had those beads FOREVER and never use them...This would be perfect.Thanks for the tutorial. Chris

wwilloww said...

Thanks so much Cath!!! That would be a sweet little Christmas Bazaar item...I might just have to try it for little gifts!! Willow

Unknown said...

Love them Cathy. I need to make an inexpensive gift and you just solved my problem. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have everything I need here already so I'm good to go.
Carole Miller

emilia in Taiwan said...

perfect idea of making a holiday gift! thank you for sharing !!

AnnMarie said...

Hiya Cathrine! Really great project! Thanks for the awesome tutorial! Welcome to the Sisterhood Group! So nice to meet you! You have a really great blog! Thanks for sharing so many awesome projects! : )

Michelle Pearson said...

These turned out really cute! Hope you are ok....a blogging sister checking in on you!!!