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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I guess I'm shy??

Sometimes you just got to laugh at yourself.......

I received several inquiries on where someone might buy those cute stamps I've been using in my cards. Hmmmm.....

How about at the:

Paper Garden Projects Store!

LOL! Yes - I do have a store!

Actually, I have mixed feelings about this. You see I've been really trying to keep my blog a blog and hope that people who have no interest in shopping still might like to stop by. On the other hand - it turns out I just might be the worst salesperson on the face of the earth. I might as well stop buying all this inventory if no one knows about it!

So I thought I'd take a couple minutes to talk about the store.

I opened it because, frankly I LOVE all things stamping and wanted share some of the products I use and love. My goal is to help people find things that really work and coordinate, and to provide inspiration for how to use the merchandise in the store.

I have a local business and an internet site. In my local business, so many of the women are so pressed for time. They want to create and some of them are so great at it! But with time so tight, creative pursuits sometimes get pushed aside. I try to provide them with great classes and supplies so they can spend their precious free time crafting instead of searching for stuff.

I think many of us are in this same boat - so I decided to expand my business to the internet.

So take a peek - if you are so inclined. And if you ever have any suggestions about the store - please feel free to e-mail me!

Oh - the picture? The new Mementos Dew Drop inks just came in!! You can see them HERE

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Deb Wood said...

Well you have an amazing store and I love the kits that you out together!! I'll be back!! Love your cards!!