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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Garden Party for May 13

Its Tuesday - Garden Party time, where a magazine clipping from the "Inspiration Shoebox" is used to design a card.

Here was the photo from last week --->

I really liked the wall color contrasted with the wood. And I liked the way the pictures were hung. I actually had this idea (a collection of family photos) for one wall in my house. Unfortunately, I only have two pictures hung so far (hey - its only been 7 years since I started....). Two lonely pictures don't quite have the same effect.

So here is my card. I decided to use the family of justjohanna owls. (Aren't the owls cute?)

I covered the white bar with sheer blue swiss dot ribbon to give it a little more interest, but I wish I had thought to stamp it with "Having a fine owl'd time" (another justjohanna stamp). I scored the background paper to give it the beadboard texture.

I love all the owls and could easily come up with a story for each one about their place in the family.

This card was a bit of an experiment. But that's OK - experimenting is kind of the point of this anyway.
And there is always next week.

Speaking of next week - here is next week's challenge photo (yes - more green!). If you'd like to play along - just comment on this post and I'll link to your entry when I show my card next week.

Oh, and I have not updated the store with new stuff yet (sorry - life got in the way a little). But I have great new stuff (really - honest - its right here). I just need to get it loaded into the site. Wait till you see the new kits - I think you'll really like them.


Marnie said...

OOOH love how you came about the owl card! It's Brilliant!

Classroomfree said...

That's such a cute card. I love the idea of an "Inspiration Shoebox" :o)

Jules x

Kathi said...

The Owl Family Wall of Fame is very cute. I love it and think you should have stories for each one.

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

This card is way too cute!! Love your challenge results.

K Hutchinson said...

Your card is wonderful to make the inspiration! Love the owls and the colors!

AnnMarie said...

Hiya Cathrine! Such a cute card! Love those owls!! Plan on heading to your store soon! Hope it is going well for you! : )