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Thursday, May 8, 2008

My first hybrid project (sort of.....)

We've had a seminarian doing an internship at our church for the last 6 months. Her term is up and its time for her to move on to her next assignment.

This is a second career for her and she is coming to the end of her time as a student. Life has made her very wise - and I will miss her insight very much.

I wanted to make a card for her - something everyone she worked with at the Church could could sign. A little remembrance of her time here.

I decided to try to create a vintage feel (so here is the hybrid part) - I look a plain colored photo of the church and "photoshopped" it to a sepia tone. I then aged it a little more with Vintage Photo distress ink. What do you think (LOL)?

Here are some photos of the inside pages. I sewed together two cards to make them. The cardstock has bits of flower petals embedded in it.

Then I covered the whole "book" with some patterned paper from TAC.

I stamped images around the edges of the pages in burnt umber Palette and colored them lightly with prismacolor pencils blended with odorless mineral spirits. I just wanted to give the pages a little color, but still leave lots of room for people's messages.

Hope she likes it!

As for stamps - yikes! I pulled out every nature stamp I owned I think! I know there are some from TAC, Lizzie Anne, Serendipity, Impression Obsession, Stamp Camp, Biblical Impressions.... (have I mentioned I have a lot of stamps!?)

If there is an image here you want to know about just leave a comment and I'll find it for you.


Teresa said...

Cathy- you did an absolutely WONDERFUL job on this- it is really beautiful!

Linda Carson said...

WOW! She is going to LOVE this! What a special keepsake!

Michelle Pearson said...

love the inside pages of this project.....they are so pretty. I'm sure she'll treasure this.

Teresa Abajo said...

This card is beautiful - I'm sure it will be treasured.

Alhambra Club said...

WOW, beautiful and how lovely it will be something that she will treasure always. The inside pages are wonderful

Unknown said...

This card is just stunning! I so caught my eye that it won the Card of the Week award! Check it out... http://www.cardoftheweek.com/2008/05/card-of-the-w-1.html

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!


Kathi said...

It's beautiful. I know she'll love it.

Anonymous said...

this is unbelievable, just beautiful!