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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garden Party for August 29

Hello everyone!

Its Tuesday - Garden Party Day, where a magazine clipping from the "Inspiration Shoebox" is used as inspiration for a card.

Here is the inspiration photo from last week:

And I'm thrilled to say Laura played along! And she teamed up with her daughter to make the card - how fun is that? You can see Laura's awesome card HERE. Her daughter colored the images. Great job huh?

So here is mine. I tried to give mine some "quilt" texture using Fiskars embossing plates in my Wizard. The images are all from Odd Bird Planet (yes, the planet includes critters other than birds - bunches of them in fact!).

Here are the Copic Markers I used. I know - I need to focus. And not just with picture taking either.

So here is next week's photo.... My! How.... ummmm.... colorful??

If you would like to play along, just post a comment with a link to your card and I'll highlight you in the summary next week.

Thanks for stopping by!


Kathi said...

I like your quilt card. The texture looks awesome!

Michelle Pearson said...

Ugh!! Guess who didn't find time to play along again! Sorry!!!

I love your take....I had something similar in my brain. Too bad I didn't get it done...it would have been fun to see how similar they would have turned out!!

Unknown said...

your card is so pretty, and I love the embossing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how exciting, I am going to try hard to play! I have missed alot already being off while sick. Time to catch up :) How fun will that be...such a colorful page (putting on my sunglasses for this one, LOL)

Anonymous said...

Opps, I think I lost my post...Hope I am not posting twice. I am looking foward to putting on my sunglasses and playing along with this bold and bight chanllenge. I just printed out the picture so I don't forget what is looks like, LOL.

Tiff said...

I was able to play along with your bright pink/green challenge! I only own two of your stamps (I must remedy that I know), so here you go:
Great challenge, thanks again!

nap time stamper said...

Hi! I love this clipping! I think I'm going to have to do a layout also! I love pink and green together for CHRISTmas, so I made a CHRISTmas in July card! Here it is: http://tanyaroberts.blogspot.com/

Catherine said...

Okay, seriously, gonna try to do the challenge this weekend! Wish me luck!