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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here is the photo I pulled out of the "inspiration shoebox" for this week's Garden Party Challenge.
Sorry I'm so late posting! Its been hectic here at the homestead. But I'll give you till Wednesday morning if you want to play along. Just comment here with a link to your card.
This is a tricky photo. (Somehow I don't think this room would look quite the same in my house. Picture it with the pillows arranged into a "house" and Littlest Pet Shop animals all along the table. Maybe a few peanut butter fingerprints on that nice white couch).
There is no strong focal point for me. Not even a strong color scheme - although there is a lot of texture. The first thing my eye goes to is the floral pillow (maybe I need a nap). Then the roses and candlestick (love that candlestick). But check out the topiary tree in the background - I really like that. Hmmmm.... a little stumped with this one.

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Tracy said...

Hmm... would love to see what ppl come up with...I would use the stripes on the chair and go from there for a card... I have cards etc on my site if you wish to check it out...
TFS your very creative!!