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Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's official... I'm a Copic-aholic!

I just added another 16 colors to the Paper Garden Projects Store!

Including a few more skin tones, because a girl has to have choices you know!

Check out those two luscious blues - and a rich dark orange for all those fall pumpkins. Sigh........ I NEED to go color something today!

You can check out the Copics HERE. But the 20% off sale ends Sunday (thank goodness, I'm tired of walking around with this sticky note on my forehead).

In other news:

The Best Witches Halloween Kit has sold out! But there are still a few (and I mean a few) of the Happy Halloweenie kits left. Once they are gone, they're gone I'm afraid. I don't have enough supplies to make more.

But never fear - I have 2 more kits in the works coming in November - and I'm very pleased with how they are coming out!

About yesterday's clear pillow boxes:

I had a question on how the box is adhered shut. I actually did not need to adhere it at all. Its a double flap, one folds down from the top and one folds up from the bottom and they sort of snap in place. I shook the box around and it stayed shut fine without any adhesive.

1 comment:

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Ouu! I am looking forward to becoming a Copic addict. Love those new colours. :O)