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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Garden Party for December 2

gpdec2photo I cannot believe I just wrote "December"  Yikes!!  I'm not ready yet!!

Anyway - here is this week's Garden party.  If you remember, here is the inspiration photo from last week.   I cheated last week and snagged a Holiday clipping instead of using the "inspiration shoe box". 

I'm thrilled to say Debbie played along again!   You can see her challenge card HERE.  Just too cute huh?  I hope Priscilla does not get her fur stuck on that candy cane!  Notice how Debbie colored the ribbon with light and dark shades to make it look like satin.  If you want to see some amazing coloring - stroll around her blog (make sure you check her Monday Morning Comics).

gpdec2card So here is my attempt at a card.  I've been having serious "mojo" issues lately and am struggling to be "creative".  I tried to step out of my usual way of working and created a card with no coloring (GASP!!).  OK- just a little coloring of the garland.  Its painted with Pearlescent paints.

Ehh.....  maybe I should step back in to my usual way of working??

I was trying to recreate the green/red/blue/lime green color scheme.  But I don't think I like the blue background on the image - it makes the card look dull.  I do love this stamp (Winter Wonderland Tree) and like the sentiment with it.  And I'm really liking the self adhesive gems.

The Snow Dots Cuttlebug folder is fast becoming a favorite.  The pattern repeats!  So if you need to emboss something bigger than the folder, you can line up the pattern and keep going - like I did with this square base. 

gpdec2cardblue Well, just for kicks I took another whack at an non-colored card (gasp again).  Its the same card with a different color scheme.  I colored the garland with Stardust Gelly roll pen - so its really sparkly silver, not gray.  I do like this one better.

Well, what can I say - there is always next week...




gpDec9photo Speaking of next week, here is the photo for next week - another Holiday clipping.   I'm perplexed about why they slanted the "I" and the "E" in the title.  I find it distracting, but they must have had a reason.

I think this will be my last garden party till next year (next year?? Yikes again).  If you'd like to play along, just post a comment here with a link to your creation and I'll include it in next week's report.

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