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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

justjohanna Card contest....

Below is my entry for the justjohanna card sketch contest. Not being able to leave well enough alone, I had to turn the sketch upside down, change the square to a circle and add a tab. Hopefully its still close enough to count!

I did decide to choose a different justjohanna bird for this card even though Belle is my favorite. First of all, Belle is just too proper to call anyone cheap to their face. Secondly, after yesterday I'm a little worried about becoming "that weird stamper that makes friends with her stamps".

Anyway, here is my interpretation of the sketch. I think I'll send this card to my brother. We don't exchange gifts, just cards and those are almost always way late. Its kind of a joke between us. (The card being pink is a little dig too....)

All stamps are justjohanna.


Melanie Robson said...

You crack me up!! "making friends with her stamps"!! If they don't talk back or complain I'm all for it!!hehe I Love this card as well! I love seeing your creations.

Linda Carson said...

This card looks like a WINNER!