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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Please tell me I'm not the only one...

I'm always piddling around with different stamps, paper, techniques. I actually do make quite a few cards....although my family would never know it based on how many birthday cards actually make it to their doorsteps - let alone make it there on time.

I'm always "in the dog house" because cards are late. Then I don't have a belated card - so its even more late because I have to make one. So now I've decided to make a stash of belated birthday cards. I'm actually planning in advance to be late - a little pathetic huh??

The images are all from the Angel Company and the sentiment is from Eureka. The rest of the saying is "and your birthday went, here's the card I should have sent". With this card, I was playing with watercoloring with reinkers. I got inspired from a tutorial on Ellen Hutson's blog. She does beautiful work - well worth a look.


Melanie Robson said...

Uh No, you're not the only one! Guilty as charged here! Your card is absolutely fabulous!! My parents got tired of waiting for me to make a card for them (for my hubby) so they went and bought one, how horrible is that...(bowing head in shame)

Godelieve said...

I think I have to *borrow* this idea too :)