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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Well... I did it...

I guess I just can't resist a bandwagon as it drives by... just have to jump on.

So I got some alcohol based Prismacolor markers for Mothers Day.

Here is the first card I made using them. Its a thank-you card for one of the twin's preschool teachers. The card is made with stamps and paper from Rubber Inspirations. The cat just reminds me of a teacher somehow - maybe its the glasses, or the stern yet serene look.

As for the markers - I think I'm going to like them once I get used to them. They are very different from water based markers - the paper just grabs the color and you get no "coloring lines". (Unless you do it on purpose like I did with the sweater here - my feeble attempt at shading). I'm just not used to such solid and vibrant color so I need to play more. I'll keep you posted as I learn more about them.


Samm said...

Gorgeous! I love those stamps!

Marnie said...

Sooo cute love the stamp and how you used it!

Kathi said...

This looks great!

I just got Prisma markers and have been playing around with them.

We'll have to share tips for using them!