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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rosie cards....

I first discovered Rosie Roadshow stamps at a stamp store near my parents while I was visiting them in Michigan.

I got an E-mail with the new images recently and really loved the bears, so of course I had to order a couple. (Hello... my name is Cathy and I'm a stampaholic...)

I forgot how much fun these stamps are to play with! They are small, cute and so fun to combine into pictures. And some of the sayings really make me smile.

This first one is for someone in church who is battling cancer.

This one I'm not to sure about. I don't think I like the busy background - I think it takes away from the image. Or maybe it needs another teal matte to give it more focus.

But anyway - I wanted to share the image and saying - you can just see that bear's ears perk up at the mere mention of cake.

Hmmm.... maybe I need just a few more stamps to play with.....


emilia in Taiwan said...

Oh~how lovely!! You are right, the saying are really fun and make me smile too.
Do I smell the cake? this is just too cute.

emilia in Taiwan said...
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Jen Carter said...

Those bears are adorable!! So cute!

Kathi said...

Aww cute. I like the bottom one as it is, though an extra mat or inking is always a good thing! <---my motto!