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Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Rosie cards....

Ok... just a few more Rosies Roadshow cards and then I'll move on.

I've had so much fun playing with these - I think because I just made them because I wanted to - even though I have a million other things I should be doing.

I got the idea for this card layout from one of the cards in the latest issue of "Stamp-It". I changed it up a bit, but that magazine always gives me inspiration. Just love it.

What do you think - a pile of cakes? I bet that bear could eat them all....

These are Rosie's stamps that I already had - but with all the stuff going on right now, I feel a little like this saying. Why not put it in writing!


Kathi said...

Cute cards! I love Rosie's stamps. They're fun.

I also love that the sentiments are in Papyrus, which is dd's favorite font.

Anyways, the sentiment of the bottom card reminds me of how I often feel.

Jen Carter said...

Those are all adorable and you paired them so well with that paper!!

Vintage Papers said...

well these are all just the cutest! love the colorful images you used with the papers! so cute!