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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I've been "Cardjacked"!

And I couldn't be more thrilled!!

Maria from Cards of Maria visited my blog and chose one of my cards for her challenge on her Kort I Fokus Blog (that is Cards in Focus in English).

Can you imagine? Little ole' me??! I'm just totally tickled I tell ya! And very grateful too! Thanks so much Maria!

Every week, Maria and her fellow designers choose a card to use as an inspiration piece to make something of their own. I think this is such a fun concept and I'm adding that Blog to my "list" so I can play along! I love that all of us from all around the globe can share our creations. Too cool!

While I'm being grateful, I wanted to put in a plug for Allison at Stampin' When I Can. I'm sure many of you know about her, but if you don't you have to check it out. Every day Allison creates this amazing resource full of blog links to tutorials, new blogs, sketches and of course blog candy. She is amazing!

One last thing.... I'm getting sort of close to 10,000 views. What do you think? Time for some Blog Candy? I have 2 justjohanna stamps here that need a good home..... And one is my favorite! Hmm....maybe I think I'll have to do something extra for World Cardmaking Day.

Oh... the card - all stamps are from the new justjohanna release. The paper is Prismatics - GREAT cardstock. My new fav I think.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! I love the layout :)

Cards of Maria said...

You are welcome. =0) I love your cards so I knew, now that our blog also write in (somewhat bad *wink*) english, that one of your cards should be one weeks CardJacked. It is really our pleasure to be CardJacking one of your cards.
Thank for sharing your cards with all of us.

Alhambra Club said...

This is such a beautiful card, your work is so lovely, congratulations.

Linda Carson said...

Excellent choice for Maria. It is a wonderful layout.

Kathi said...

It's a gorgeous card. No wonder you were chosen to be "CardJacked".

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Your cards are so beautiful. I love the colors from the card of your previous post!