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Sunday, October 7, 2007

There is still time...

to enter the justjohanna contest! You need to post a link to your card by midnight CA time(about 9 hours from now).

Fold something up and go for it!


Zarah said...

I'd really like to but it's too late here now. MAYBE if I get up early tomorrow I'll have time to make a card...! *smiles*
*keeps fingers crossed & rushes off to bed*

Linda Carson said...

I'm hoping you will get this because I am crying in my diet Pepsi! This worse thing that could happen sure enough did. Our computer crashed!! I'm using my laptop but will be unable to enter any more contests......WOE IS ME! Would you please email me again. I don't have your address in this computer. Thanks!


Natasha said...

Hi there! You left a question on my blog about scented EP. The powders last at least for 3 weeks, longer if you do a double layer.