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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cross Eyed and Carpel Tunnel-ish..........

Whew.......... I finished loading over 60 new products into the Paper Garden Projects store. There are still more to come, but it is progress! I've added great new stamps, inks, embellishments, tools and kits.

I'm so excited to have this done - I'm offering $4 flat fee shipping - this week only. Any size order ships anywhere in the US for only $4!

And how about a little "treasure" hunt?

Anyone who reads this blog regularly (hi Mom!) knows that I am the typo queen. Even with spell check I manage to have typos. So..... I decided a fun little contest is in order.

The first person who finds 4 mistakes (typos, broken links, misspelled words, etc) in the Paper Garden Projects store will win a nice prize package from me. Just send a brief description of the mistakes and the page they are on to the "contact us" E-mail on the website.

Come on folks - the system does not even have spell check. This will be a walk in the park!

(If you are worried about my fragile little ego, you could include a nice comment or two)

And I'll have the whole IT department get right on fixing all those mistakes!

About the card:

The stamps are from the What a Character Card Kit now in the store. They are made by Eat Cake Graphics. The paper is from the Lazy Days of Summer Card kit (just to shake things up a little). It was made for a stamping friend on a yahoo exchange group I belong to. Alas - it was late.....

1 comment:

jenn* said...

cute card! your image is so me, and so are the colors!