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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Say Cheese!


I just wanted to share a couple cards I made with the Vintage Say Cheese Limited Edition Kit from Odd Bird Planet.

The kit includes paper, embellies and a great sheet of rubber with this owl in all kinds of poses! Its so cute! The kit also includes a wood mounted camera stamp. Very fun.

For this first card - I was trying to create one of those photo strips you used to be able to get in those booths at the mall or amusement parks. Remember trying to get 3 friends crammed in and posed before the time ran out and the pictures snapped? (I guess I'm dating myself....). Anyway - my owl friend here is using his three photo shots to make goofy poses. (He thinks he's a star....)

And here is my owl friend - all proud of himself because he got all those people to pose for his photo. I think he wants to be a photojournalist when he grows up. Being an owl, he'll cover the night shift.

Sorry.... couple glasses of wine with dinner....

Hope everyone has a great Sunday. I have some more Copic info to post on Monday.


Catherine said...

Cute owlies!
That 2nd card is hilarious!

Maria said...

Oh my. . .that owl is most definitely the cutest! I love the photo strip! Ingenious!! I love all the different poses! LOL!

I love the second card too! Such a creative idea!


mel m. m. mccarthy said...

I'm with Maria. That owl is cuteness personified. Or should that be cuteness ornithified? Great colouring and I am madly in love with the text and photo in your second card. Stunning! :0)