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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Garden Party for September 30

gpsept30photo Tuesday - Garden Party Day once again.  If you remember, last week's inspiration photo snatched from the "Inspiration Shoe Box" was this one (with the funky clear chairs).

I used this photo as an excuse to make my first ever "clear" card.  You know - those "floaty " cards made from transparencies or clear acetate.

Well, I tried anyway.  After I created the design in my head and made all the elements - I reached into my drawer to pull out my acetate - and then realized that my acetate was only 5"x9".  So instead of the 5 1/4" square card I envisioned, I have this wimpy 4 1/2" square card that does not have enough acetate around it to float at all.  Oh well...

gpsept30card So here it is.  I used Flora Ginormous from Odd Bird Planet to make the hot pink flower.  Its colored with Copic Markers.  The scalloped square is made with the threading water border punch.  A little tricky, but not bad. 

I can't stand to have adhesive showing - so the scalloped panel is on the front of the acetate, and the green is on the inside (to cover the adhesive).  The same on the inside of the card- white square for writing and green on the back.

See what I mean?  It really needs more "float".  Although - to be honest I'm not sure I'm too fond of the acetate cards.  Its a novelty - but not something I'd make often.

gpoct7photo So.... for next week.  Guess what?  Debbie came to the rescue and sent me a bunch of magazine pictures to restock the "Inspiration Shoe box".  Thanks Debbie!!  So here is one that she sent.

If you'd like to play along, just post a comment with a link to your creation and I'll highlight you in next week's post.


Kathi said...

Great coloring job with the Copics on the flower! Wow.

Michelle Pearson said...

love your floaty card.....beautiful image and coloring! Fun inspiration pieces....someday I'm gonna find time to play again!
Lovin' my copics....thanks!! :)

Kim said...

I think your card is just beautiful! Love the hot pink flower!!

Danni said...

Drat! I forgot again. Sigh.
Regardless, this is so beautiful! I just love it!! The colors are so vibrant...just love it!!

Anonymous said...

Tag! You're it! (you've been tagged)

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

DroooooooooooL! I love your card madly. That stamp is stunning and your colouring is SO beautiful. Your blog is a dangerous place for my budget & I love every minute of it, heehee ;O)