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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Halloween Rant....

This is not a stamping post.  So if you were hoping for a stamping post please feel free to skip this post (encouraged to, actually).  This is just my little Halloween, get-it-off-my-chest rant.

Usually, we make costumes for the girls but I have had an impossible schedule lately so I had to buy one for oldest DD.

So last night I take the kids (5, 5 and 9 years old) to JoAnns - they had nothing so I took them next door to a party supply store advertising costumes.

To get to the costumes, you had to walk through this gauntlet of horror - honestly. Tons of disgusting, bloody, rotting horror. One of the twins actually almost started to cry.

Then I finally get to the costumes and they have a section for girls (keep in mind - we are talking ages 5 to maybe 10 here). What in the world?? Half the costumes were completely "sex pot -ish". I mean, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz costume looked like a bar maid. Bare stomachs, cleavage, short-short skirts, fishnet stockings.

We finally ended up with a pirate costume that was not too bad.  And then had to wait in line amongst the gore to pay for it.  Geeze - what a horrible experience.

Am I just a prude? Is anyone else horrified at what is happening? Why can't Halloween just be a nice little time where people interact with their neighbors - without the gore, horror and sex. Its for kids for goodness sake!!

Upon reflection, I should have just turned around and walked out.  But I was so focused on knocking just one item off my impossibly long "to do" list that I did not do the right thing.  I'm a little mad at myself that I gave then $30 of my (non-refundable) dollars.

You know - my oldest DD's elementary school had a "Haunted House" fundraiser last week (we did not attend).  Meanwhile - I was told when she was in Kindergarten that I could not read "Are you Grumpy Santa" to her class because that book is "too religious".  So its OK to have Freddy Krueger in school but Santa is banned???

Sorry for the rant - but I'm frankly horrified. I've always enjoyed the cute aspects of Halloween and Fall is my favorite season. But I just can't wrap my brain around this. I don't know what I'm going to do next year - but it won't be this.

Whew...........if you made it this far, thanks for listening!

Back to out regular stamping schedule....  I actually do have something cute to show you but I need to get pictures first........


Catherine said...

I hear ya! I don't think you're a prude at all. I totally agree. What ever happened to good clean fun? Nowadays, it's all about sex and making other people feel bad. Like those horrow movies (the Saw franchise comes to mind) - what exactly is the point? As for the religous debate - some things are just part of American culture, and everyone needs to deal. H'ween is not devil worship, it's just a fun tradition. And Santa isn't an oppressive religous figure - he's an imaginative icon we use as an excuse to be kind to one another. What's the problem, people???? (Oooh, guess I'm a little ranty too!) Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Ditto, and Ditto. I'm 100% with you on this topic. I too boycotted the inappropriate (read slutty) Halloween attire as I have done for the past several years. When my 10 yr. old outgrew Gymborree, I resumed sewing for her. We openly discuss the symbolism of the inappropriate attire and she agrees with the indecency of it all. She even refuses to wear anything with a V collar if it's even remotely approaching revealing. We boycott these offensive styles from stores like Kohl's, Justice, Target, Penney's and even Wal-Mart. I ended up making a little pirate costume for my DD. You shouldn't have got me started. I'll step down from my soapbox now and give the floor back to you. Bravo, Cathy! Sensible mothers unite!

Teresa said...

Totally agreeing!

WHen my DS was in school they used to have all these Christmas traditions. Now they are not even allowed to call it "Christmas"- it's the "Winter Holiday".


As for Halloween- yeah, it's going from fun to disgusting. I've turned into one of those old curmudgeons who aren't home on Halloween- the costumes just annoy me too much.

Not sure who is to blame but it's sad that kids cannot be children any more.

MelissaS said...

I also agree with you. Halloween has become a trashy gore-fest not fit for the little ones! Our town has a Halloween parade, in which the kids can walk in their costumes. My DS won't even take part because of the scary costumes worn by the older kids! He even hides behind the door when the Trick or Treaters come with masks on...

What happened to decent, cute costumes for those over 5?

Mary said...

Thank you for such a compelling blog. It is very sad to see the blood and gore associated with current Halloween costumes. Brutality is now accepted and has become a "game."

anne barclay said...

I totally agree with you. Kids today just can't be kids any more. and I think sometimes parents are in so much competition with each other that they allow kids to wear these disgusting costumes. With people like Miley Cyrus setting the example for young girls -- well, need I say more? A few years ago it was Britney Spears and look how that one ended up! Little girls just aren't allowed to be little girls any more. I find it very sad.

Shelly said...

I'm late reading this, but wanted to let you know you're not alone in how you feel. I agree 100%.