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Thursday, October 23, 2008

OK... I Likey!

snowflakepunch Ever come across something that just catches your fancy?  I really like the new Snowflake border punch!  It punches so cleanly and easily.  Its just delightful!

This is a pretty simple and quick card, but look at the border at the bottom.  Isn't it cute?




snowflakepunches After I made my card, I discovered these perfect little punched snowflakes!  They are like little bonus embellishments.  I want to make a shaker card with these little snowflakes inside.

Just thought I'd share my excitement - I know, I'm easily amused!

For this card, in addition to the punch I used the Daisy D Snowflake and Holly collection papers and the Stampendous Mega Thanks stamp set.  I love this stamp set - I use it all the time to make quick and easy thank you notes.  I've make over a hundred with it and its still going strong!  The red card stock is Prism,

Another thing I'm excited about?  The Copic Markers are all back in stock!  Hurray - they look so neat and tidy without all those "Sold Outs" all over the place.  They are still 20% off, so if there are colors you need come and get 'em. 

A bunch of new bling-y stuff coming to the store.  I'll keep you posted!


Janine said...

Nice card!!!

Teresa said...

LOVE the punch!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute punch and card. What a bonus to use the tiny snowflake punch outs!

Crystal Ware said...

I am excited too! This card is so cute and I love that punch. A shaker card is an excellent idea!

Crissy said...

Very cute card!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Drooling over that punch. Love the red trim. SO cute! And the wee snowflakes left over. I'd buy the punch just for them! Pocket book says "Must behave" I say "behave-beshmave!" heehee ;O)