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Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting Day in the USA


Well, what's the point anyway?

The news media  is already sure who won the election.  Besides, the poling place is going to be a mess.  There is always a line - even for ordinary elections.  If I have to spend two hours waiting to vote, how am I supposed to get all my errands done?

If you feel that way - I can certainly sympathize. 

The news media does have an awful lot to say about who will win, who should win and why.  And voting can be a royal pain, especially the endless waiting in line the high school cafeteria - where its 80 degrees and the air has that old stale disinfectant smell.  Add 3 small kids to the mix (who, by the way are all off school in my neck of the woods), and the royal pain easily becomes something of a nightmare.  It would be so easy to say - oh never mind.

But.... the fact is, the news media does not make this decision - we do.  I don't want to let them choose for me, to steal my voice - drown it out with their endless prattling on.

I intend to vote and I hope you do too -  even if you think your guy has already lost - or already won. 

About the card:  (sorry - had to take the pic with a flash - ran out of daylight!) the Stamp is For the Brave cling stamp.  It is colored with Copic Markers.  Patterned paper is Making Memories from my stash.  Cardstock is Prism.


mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Profound post. SO true. And your colouring always takes my breath away. That is one gorgeous card! I love that image (and I'm Canadian, LOL) ;O)

Anonymous said...

I love your poignancy.

L.A. said...

I'll be in line by 7AM casting my vote. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the elections but not about your card, it is great!

Catherine said...

Brilliantly said and created! I had the luxury of voting in my kitchen - absentee ballots abound in Ohio. God Bless America!

Teresa said...

Yeah, I have to do the high school cafeteria as well- YUCK! But, I'll be there!

Linda Carson said...

Preach on sister stamper!! I voted! Love the card by the way!

Mich said...

God, what a great card you made for this special day !! Beautiful stamp, I love it.