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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Homemade Holiday Project 4 - Bakery Bag

The Homemade Holiday kit also contains a plain white bakery bag for you to embellish.  The bag has a window to view goodies and is plastic lined to keep food fresh.  It has a reusable tin closure at the top.

  There are so many ways to decorate this bag.  I embellished my bag pretty simply with just some pattern paper strips and a tag - but I'm pleased with how it came out.  Here are my instructions.

Supplies from Kit:

  • Charles Cardinal and Pine Bough Stamps
  • Let it Snow paper
  • Leapfrog and Announcement Cream cardstock
  • Bakery Bag
  • Raffia
  • Button

Other Supplies:


  1. Cut 2 strips of green 1 ½” by 4 ¾”. Stamp an all over pattern with the Pine Bough stamp and Bamboo ink. Mount ¾” wide strips of Let It Snow paper on top centering them.
  2. Stamp cardinal and sentiment. Color as desired and antique the edges with Vintage Photo Distress ink and a Duster Brush. Cut the image out in a circle with die or punch. Matte on a larger circle of Let it Snow paper.
  3. Cut a larger matte in a scalloped circle (or plain circle) in green and stamp an all over pattern with the Pine Bough stamp and Bamboo ink. Mount the matted image in top. Punch a 1/8” hole at the top of your tag.
  4. Feed raffia through two holes of a button. If you have a hard time getting the raffia through, wrap the ends tightly with clear tape and cut at an angle to make a point.  Then use this as a "needle" to go through the button holes.
  5. Feed the raffia ends through the hole in the tag so the button is in front. Apply adhesive to one of the strips from step 1. Position the tag as desired with the raffia pointing up. Adhere the strip in place over the raffia to hold the tag in position. Trim the raffia at the top as desired.
  6. Adhere the other strip from step 1 at the bottom of the bag. Fill with treats and you are done!

Note: If you wish to stamp on the bag itself, you need to use solvent based ink (like Stazon) because the bag has a glossy finish. I would not recommend embossing directly on the bag since you can melt the plastic liner inside that keeps the food fresh.


Anonymous said...

Pretty! I love to see the goody peeking through the bag.

Elena said...

This project is so cute! Thank you for the great tutorial! Love the idea with the button!

Savitri said...

Very very cute!!

Maria said...

Such a pretty bag. . .I love it! It's a great bag for the holidays!! Thank you for the tutorial!!


Crissy said...

Adorable bag!

AnnMarie said...

What an awesome gift ensemble! Really nice job!

Anonymous said...

This is great!!
soooooo cute!!

Mich said...

Mmmmmmmm, this one looks so yummie ...