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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Decorating a Gnome Home for Christmas

xmasgnomehome I decided the Gnome Home from Odd Bird Planet needed a little sprucing up for the Holidays.  I was in a bit of a goofy mood and my decorating went a little over the top, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

Here is my finished product.  I used a bunch of different Odd Bird Planet stamps in my little creation.  In case inquiring minds want to know - here's what I did.




xmasgnomehome1 First I stamped the Gnome Home in Tuxedo Memento ink.  Then I masked it with eclipse paper.  I inked around the image with Broken China Distress ink using a duster brush.  I did the top "sky" area darker than the bottom "snow" area.  (the green on the mask is from the last time I used it - I save them and reuse them so I don't have to cut stuff out again... can you say "l-a-z-y"...)



xmasgnomehome2 I colored my Gnome Home with Copic markers.  The mushroom cap is pretty big.  To avoid marker streaks, you need a well inked marker.  The trick is to color slowly enough to saturate the paper, but quickly enough to keep a wet edge on the ink.  Sometimes you need to move around a bit when you color to keep all the edges wet.  In large areas, I use the wedge tip of the marker because it delivers more ink.

Then I stamped all my "pieces", cut out around them and colored them.  The stamps I used were Cathrine's Gnome HomeCathrine's Sapling, Cathrine's Sapling Branch, Kelly's Stiched Gnome, and Simple Gift.  The long garland is just Sapling Branch stamped side by side 3 times.

Generally, I don't try to cut right on the line of something.  (Its just too hard for me! LOL  there is that l-a-z-y thing again!).  I usually leave an edge around it.  You can see it on the gnome.  Before I cut him out, I outlined around him with W-1 gray so he wouldn't have a stark white border.  It makes cutting out so much easier and I think it makes cut out images stand out from the background.

BTW - for the gift, I created the dots by coloring the present green and then holding the tip of my blender pen where I wanted a dot after the green ink dried.  The blender fluid will push the green ink out and create a dot.

xmasgnomehome So then I just assembled.  And added those heaps of embellishments. 

I added red crystals on the tree and garland.  I also added some snow to the windows and ground using the puffy velvet marker.  On top of the velvet I added glitter!  I know - its a bit extreme - but it was fun!

And yes- we do have those gaudy multicolor lights on our tree - not the elegant white ones.  We have a mis-match of homemade and"historical" ornaments.  I mostly let the kids decorate it - so there are some branches with 3 ornaments hung on top of each other.  Martha Stewart would NOT approve - but it works for us.  Sometimes you just need to embrace imperfection.

Thanks for looking!  Happy Stamping.


Anonymous said...

I've decided I want, no! make that NEED a gnome and some blue distress ink like you have. I love your card. But that should come as no surprise to you, right?

Sharon said...

I love how you dressed up the house! So much quicker to decorate than the real thing ;-)

Unknown said...


Etha said...

oh my gosh that's just too freaking cute!! love what you did with your sprucing up!! thanks for all the step by steps, I enjoy reading them!

Linda Carson said...

LOVE this card! It is priceless & so very creative!

Kathi said...

Your snow is much snowier than my snow. I must find one of those puffy markers. Do you carry them?

Your Gnome Home is way fun to decorate for the holidays. It's funny that we chose the same gnome though.

I love your card.

Thanh Vo said...

Great tutorial that you put together here. The house decorations are perfect for Christmas