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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Prismacolor markers?......

I'm still trying to get the hang of my Prismacolor markers.

I think I might be making a little progress, but still hitting some snags. I can't quite get the colorless blender to work (well, at least not the way I want it to!! LOL).

I've read that you can use it to pick up another marker to do a lighter shade (like a blender pen does with waterbase markers). I've not been able to get a smooth application of color doing that yet. Not quite sure what I'm doing wrong.

One tip that I can maybe pass along (keep in mind I am NO expert) to help with shading: put down your lightest color and give it a moment for the alcohol to evaporate. Then you can go over shadow areas again applying another layer of color. If that is not enough contrast, you can trace the shadow with a darker shade and then quickly go over the whole area with the lighter shade to blend.

Oh... and if you are coloring a small area be careful not to add too much ink at one time when blending. Even if you don't color outside the lines, all the alcohol might cause the ink to bleed outside the line. If you need it to be darker, give it a moment for the alcohol to evaporate and then add another color layer.

Honestly though - the whole thing makes me feel a little silly. I mean I already have a whole slew of colored pencils and some watercolor crayons.

And I'm thinking I need more marker colors?? Honestly, how many ways to color do I need? Can we say "addicted"?

Anyway, the fall stamps on the first card are by Impression Obsession. The Santa stuck in the chimney and his lament are from Eureka stamps.

Thanks so much for looking!


Linda Carson said...

Beautifully done Catherine!

Anonymous said...

Love the Santa! So cute. Your cards are great!

emilia in Taiwan said...

We all addicted to these supplies. Never enough!
Colorful and lovely cards!

Patti said...

Gorgeous cards! Love the vibrant colors! And you can never have enough coloring tools! :D