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Monday, July 16, 2007

Technique Thursday submission

Kim Franz started a blog called Technique Thursday.

Logically enough, Kim publishes a technique to try each Thursday. Well this past Thursday the technique was "masking".

I love masking! My favorite way to stamp is to take smaller images and put them together to make pictures. So I just had to participate in this one!.

Here are my two attempts. The first is a "bird bath party" made with all justjohanna stamps.

The second is one of my favorite stamp sets from The Angel Company. I love all the different pieces that you can put together. And I really am a sucker for fall!

My tips for masking:
I love Eclipse paper. Its like thin post it paper with sticky over the entire back. It works great and I can save my masks to use over and over. I just keep them in the case with the stamps.

My other tip - sometimes I mask the stamp instead of the paper! If I only want part of an image or sentiment, I put painters tape over the part I don't want, ink the entire thing and then rip the painters tape off before I stamp. This is easier for me than trying to ink around images I don't want, especially if they are close together.
One last note: I've been tagged by Allison. (thanks Allison!) Now I'm trying to come up with 7 random interesting facts about myself........... Hopefully something will come to me soon.


emilia in Taiwan said...

"Bird bath party" is sooooo lovely! They seem so happy!
Tks for your tip of masking! Great one!

Kathi said...

Wow. I love the Birdbath party card! It's just wonderful. The second card is cute too.

I hadn't heard about Eclipse paper. I'll have to check it out!

Claudette said...

wonderful job on both cards, glad I stopped by your site to view your work....fabulous job