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Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Copic Announcement - Woo Hoo!

I'm so excited! I finally got Copic Sketch Markers into the Paper Garden Projects store!! Its no secret I love these babies - so I'm thrilled to be carrying them!

I'm so excited that for a limited time, I'm selling them at 20% off!! You can see the selection HERE.

In honor of this exciting news, I thought I do a little post on how I pick colors. I'll apologise now for how long this post is (...there might be a prize at the end.........). But, maybe my thought process might help you pick your own colors.

The first thing to point out - the computer rendered pictures of the colors are NOT a perfect match for the actual marker colors. Reading my attempt at a color description might help, and if you have any questions about a color you can always E-mail me.

I always work in color pairs - 2 shades that I blend together. I have arranged the markers this way in the store. If you look in the descriptions for each marker, you'll see my recommendation for color partners. Often they are the same color line but several shades apart, but not always. Now, the possibilities for blending are practically endless, but I tried to describe the blends I use most often to help you get started. Once you get started - you'll be blending all over the place!

Here is an example of a red color pair. I'm going to pair R-14 (light Rouge) with R-27 (Cadmium Red). I stamped Strawberry Pair from Odd Bird Planet in Memento Tuxedo ink. I colored both strawberries in solid with R-14.

While the R-14 was damp, I added R-27 to the areas I wanted to be more shadowed. I wanted the strawberries to look "round-ish" so I kept the areas that "stick out" the farthest lighter and added darker color mainly around the base.

Last, I took my R-14 Copic and blended in small circles the seam between the R-14 and the R-27 to smooth the color transition.

I did something similar for the leaves. I colored the entire leaf area with YG-03 (Yellow Green). While it was still damp I added YG-63 (Pea Green) to the base of each leaf. Then I took the YG-03 and blended from the base to the tips.

The last step was to add a shadow under the berries with B-60 (Pale Blue Gray). B-60 is one of my favorite markers for adding shadows.

One of the tricks of blending is to work while the the previous layer is still damp. The markers are self cleaning - so you never have to worry about a darker marker staining a lighter one.

Here is an example of using the colorless blender for blending to white. Generally the colorless blender is used more for removing color than actually blending. But it can also be used to blend to white.

This is a measuring cup image from Odd Bird Planet. I wanted to make it look like glass and full of water. I took BG000 (Pale Aqua) and put a very thin line around the outer edge of the glass. Then I took the blender and colored in small circles from the pale aqua line towards the center of the image.

Then I colored in the "water" area with BG-000. The last step was to add a shadow with B-60 (Pale Blue Gray).

BG-000 is a very useful color for glass, water, snow, etc. I use this color often.

Here is may last example for today (told ya I was long winded!).

Here is a flower from the Stampendous Fresh Blossoms set. It is colored in 2 colors, RV-21 (Light Pink) and YR-21 (Cream). Its OK, pretty colors.... but....

If I use color pairs, I can get more dimension. In this picture, I added RV-23 (Pure Pink) to the base of the petals and blended the seam between the RV-21 and RV-24. Then I added a line of YR-24 Pale Sepia around the outer edge of the flower center.

Here, I used YR-21 to blend the YR-24 towards the center.

The last thing was to add a line of B-60 around the entire image. Since this flower is so cartoon-ish, I decided not to do realistic shadowing, I just used the pale blue all the way around to make the image pop a little. I think this flower using the color pairs is much more interesting than the first.

So.... given all this, what colors should you pick? It depends on what you like. Hee Hee!

As for first markers, I would get color you like for shadows. I'd recommend B-60 (Pale Blue Gray) or C-1 (Cool Gray #1). These can be used to create shadows for other coloring methods. (But keep in mind that using these markers on very adsorbent paper, like watercolor paper, will drain the ink more quickly. They perform better on smooth cardstocks).

I would also get a colorless blender so you can fade any of your other colors to white and do special effects. The colorless blender can also be used to fix "goofs". See THIS POST.

Then, go back and take a look at some of the projects you've made. What color families do you use most? For example, I use a lot of green, browns and blues - but rarely use purples. Then you can start with the color families you use most often.

And of course, I would recommend buying color pairs. The ability to do shading with color pairs will make working with the markers so much more fun. Then as you add more markers you will discover more and more blending combinations you love.

Whew.... that's my first post on color picking. I hope is was at least a little helpful.

I LOVE these markers. They are tools designed to last a lifetime and I never get tired of playing with them.

So.... still with me???

About that prize....

Leave a comment here with your favorite Copic Marker color and on Friday, August 1 I will randomly pick someone to win:

  • a B-60 Pale Blue Gray Copic Sketch Marker,
  • the Fresh Blossoms Stamp Set, and
  • a coupon for $5 off a purchase from the Paper Garden Projects store.


Anonymous said...

this is very exciting!

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

I don't have any markers yet, but I think the shadow marker would be high on my list! Your information is great!

MelissaS said...

I'm trying to schedule time for this week's Garden Party - love the image. Meanwhile, I'll enter your blog candy drawing. Very nice job on the Copic Coloring. I don't know ALL the colors, but I love the Light Crockery Blue. Thanks for sharing :)

Melinda said...

Would it be absolutely wrong to say that ALL the colors are my favorite?

Linda Carson said...

My favorite color is R29 Lipstick. I hope you'll do more tips & tricks w/these jewels!

JennyM said...

Ihave been reading your blog and seeing you always post about the Copic markers, never really knowing what or how they worked. Thanks for this post explaining them. I like the shadow color you used the real light blue one. Thanks Jenny M.

Kathy H said...

I guess I'll have to say EOO because that is the only one I have so far...Thanks, Kathy Hering...

Janice M said...

Very helpful info! It will help me pick out more colors in the future! I'm new to copics, not sure I have a favorite color yet. I LOVE coloring with them all. Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these tips and tricks!!

The strawberries look so delicious!!!~~~

Danni said...

How exciting for your shop to be carrying these!
I love color so hard to choose just one but I really like the tender pink I have.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you will do more tutorials about using the Copic markers! I have been wanting some, but was somewhat overwhelmed. Your lesson about the strawberries was very helpful. Thank you.

Becky G said...

What a great picture tutorial. The strawberries look good enough to eat. Gonna have to convince DH I need Copics.

Barbara1940 said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial. You do such a good job of explaining -- even I can understand!! LOL!! My favorite Copic marker is YG-03 yellow green.

misse336 said...

No copics yet, but I think that a skin tone or gray will be my first purchase.

Debbie said...

Well, I have to admit, I don't have a favorite Copic marker color, but I do have a fav Prismacolor marker - Limepeel. I love looking at your tutorials. Your coloring is so yummy and perfect! I'm trying to decide if my Prisma markers are working for me or if I should travel to the dark side and try Copics.

Tiff said...

I'll definitely check out your store!!!! Can't pass up a discount ;)

Kathi said...

Your tutorial is excellent!

I love Phthalo Blue (B23)!

I don't have the blue shadow marker, so that would totally fabulous.

Bunny B said...

I don't own any copics! But I would love to!! I guess if I had some, my fave would be one of the pink ones :) xxx

bunnybx at gmail . com

nap time stamper said...

Thanks for the demos! I'm new to copics as well, and I tend to lean towards green shades so I'd have to pick G17 Forest Green.

jules said...

I am not lucky to own any of the copics. But if I did...I love R59 Cardinal. That is one of my personal favorite colors.

Zarah said...

I don't even have any copics, but my dear friend Nina swears by them. Me, I own three different grey ProMarkers. I shade my motifs with them - but one day I am gonna pop off to Nina's place and see what the dealio is about! ;)

Aliogator said...

My favorite marker is Coral R-35. Thanks for all of the tutorials and the opportunity to win.

Jennifer_GlitterInMyHair said...

Great tips on the Copics! I have some and I LOVE them! Your tips are great, I am always playing around trying to make my coloring better. My favorite color is Baby Blue B21 {I like blue}. I am going to check out your sale - 20% off is a LOT for these, what a deal!!

Nina said...

Dear Zarah told me about this giveaway...and yes - I do LOVE my Copics. Really difficult to choose a favorite color, but the one I have used so much it's all dried out, is the Pale Aqua. Can't seem to get enough of that one!

Catherine said...

Okay, now I'm in the right spot!
My fave color is BG05 Holiday Blue.

Tanja said...

I love Sugared-Almond Pink (RV02). ...AND I love your store! I just discovered it today! I saw your card using the scalloped border and am looking forward to a windfall so that I can stock up on some goodies from your store! TFS!